The Vape Community Should Stop Using the Word “Freebase” Immediately

The Vape Community Should Stop Using the Word “Freebase” Immediately

It sounds so incriminating. It’s like I went to sleep and when I finally woke up, to my surprise, vapers were now using the word “Freebase” to describe traditional eliquids.

Freebase eLiquid? Really? That’s the best adjective the Industry could conjure up as a major descriptor?  For those unfamiliar with this word, “Freebase” is a term more commonly used as the label to describe a process of administering crack cocaine.

The word “Freebase” is commonly defined as “to inhale the fumes from refined cocaine.” Referring to an ingestion process of crack.

Not to mention, another definition commonly found from a simple web search goes like this: “a purified solid form of cocaine (such as crack) that is obtained by treating the powdered hydrochloride of cocaine with an alkaloid base (such as sodium bicarbonate) and that can be smoked or heated to produce vapors for inhalation.”

Perhaps the vape community should possibly pursue another label for identifying traditional premium eliquids that we’ve all used and continue to use. Vapers do not need to be loosely tossing around the word “Freebase” to describe anything related to the vape culture. 

Before the Salt Nic craze, the word “Freebase” was not at all being used to describe eliquids.

In reference to the popularity of Salt Nic, I have not yet become accustomed to this option of vaping. Should I have? Maybe, but I don’t see the need. I’m fine remaining at 03 mg of “Traditional” or “Classic” eliquid.

The vape industry has enough issues. Does the industry truly want to add to the long list of why vaping has become so socially unacceptable?

The word “Freebase” has no place in the vocabulary of vaping. If we are going to be insisting that brands change their potentially dangerous child-appealing labels, then perhaps we should also change this potentially dangerous word that has no positive connotation.

Okay, so people only use the word when talking about Salt Nic, so what? Yet, people can just as easily stop saying it and replace it with another friendlier or more inviting term, like “classic” or “traditional.”

It could be far more appropriate to use another descriptor, like “classic.” Of course, this is just a mere suggestion. Any other options? Surely, any other word would better than “Freebase.”

This is truly something the vape community cannot continue to use. It’s rather uninviting and unprofessional. It feels irresponsible to allow community members to be throwing this word around.

The vape community is full of bright minds and problem solvers with innovative ideas. Vapers can do better than this. Who started this poorly-placed vocab-mishap in the first place?

As an advocate for the preservation of this industry, it is very frustrating to see that a word associated with the use of illicit narcotics has snuck it’s way into the vape community’s vocabulary.

Altogether, it is understandable that from a scientific perspective, in chemistry, “Freebase” is used to explain a purification process, removing water-soluble impurities and adulterants. However, this word is more often and most commonly used to describe the “freebasing” method that involves purifying cocaine.

Therefore, the recommendation is to just drop this word from the vaper vocabulary. The vape community has been so careful to ensure the proper terminology is being used to professionally communicate about vape products.

As a community, we’ve come so far and have tried too hard to abide by all the rules and regulations. Vape Businesses have been putting forth constant efforts to prove their level of professionalism, showing how exceptionally obedient and impressively compliant the industry can be.

The public approval ratings for vaping have been steadily decreasing. The rate of social acceptability is by no means a high figure. Therefore, continuing to use this word is only going to come back to haunt us by ultimately hurting the industry.


From: Vaping Post