Smokers know fully well that smoking cigarettes damage the lungs and that long-term use of tobacco may lead to lung cancer. This knowledge leads to the question; Does vaping cause the same lung damage as smoking?

For now, the good news for vapers is that there is preliminary evidence that says long-term vaping is not likely to cause lung damage. Professor Polosa, the renowned director of the Institute of Internal Medicine and Anti-Smoking Center at the University of Catania, proves it.

Prof. Riccardo Polosa and his colleagues followed a small group of young adults who had never smoked but regularly used e-cigarettes.

The subjects were followed for three and a half years, and their outcomes were compared to those of a control group of nonsmokers who had never used e-cigarettes. The findings revealed that vapers had no lung damage when their results were compared with those of non-vapers.

The researchers added that even the heaviest user showed no symptoms of lung injury or inflammation, and there were no changes in blood pressure or heart rate.

Polosa also noted that while the results provide preliminary evidence that vaping does not cause lung problems in young users, further study on a larger scale is needed.

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