Do you think you already know more about vaping? Think again. Maybe what you know about vaping is just the tip of the iceberg. The popular misconception is that an electronic cigarette is a cessation tool.

The fact is, e-cigarettes are not yet recognized by medical science as a tool for facilitating smoking cessation. Contrary to popular assumptions, traditional smokers or tobacco smokers are the least informed about vaping.

So, for the benefit of tobacco smokers, here are the three most important things you should know about vaping.

  1. It’s safer to use e-cigarettes than tobacco. This claim is backed by the most detailed evidence-based study conducted by Public Health England. In the study, they said that e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than the old-fashioned kind.
  2. Vaping is much more affordable than smoking tobacco. A pack of cigarettes is disposable and consumable, while an e-cigarette is refillable. By the time you get your fifth bottle of liquid, you have saved yourself four or five packs of cigarettes.
  3. It helps you quit nicotine. With e-cigarettes, you will not say goodbye to the enjoyment of puffing. Still, you can say goodbye to nicotine, as there are e-cigarettes that allow you to decide on the amount of nicotine.

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