Avail Vapor, a notable vape company in the US, has decided to end its operations because of the alleged unattainable regulations of the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). James Xu, the owner of Avail Vapor, started his vape business in 2013 with a manufacturing facility in Chesterfield, Kentucky.

To date, he has opened 100 stores in 12 states and has 400 employees in total. Unfortunately, Xu decided to close his business because of the current hostile government regulations that he finds impossible to comply with.

Despite all of the research demonstrating that e-cigarettes are relatively safe and effective as smoking cessation aids, and this evidence is as good as that for other new tobacco products recently approved for sale by the FDA, PMTAs for the former are being refused by the thousands.

Meanwhile, according to the FDA, these guidelines are designed to ensure that all future submissions have the essential information required to efficiently and effectively meet the relevant premarket obligations.

Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock said that these final rules are critical components of the FDA’s comprehensive approach to tobacco product regulation, including premarket application review, science-based use of the product standard authority, and prioritized compliance and enforcement actions.

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