The Coalition of Asia-Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) released the seventh episode of The Advocate Voice (TAV 7) on their Facebook page, headlined “The Battle Between Innovation and Bully Tactics.”

CAPHRA’s executive coordinator, Nancy Lucas, said that it is wrong to smear the public and academic narratives by financing research and manipulating the media.

She added that vaping needs to be completely exposed as the world’s most effective smoking cessation method instead of being demonized in such a systematic, worldwide fashion.

TAV 7 leader Farsalinos encouraged audience members to participate and ask questions. In a press release prior to the event, Lucas also stated that the ultimate goal of the said event was to find the truth.

According to her, billionaire benefactors have a considerable influence over the World Health Organization, affecting nations that rely on them for advice regarding their tobacco policies. It’s a complex worldwide web of deception, and the truth will be revealed by Dr. Farsalinos and the TAV panel.

Asa Saligupta (Director of ECST – ENDs Cigarette Smoke Thailand), Mirza Abeer (Director of ASAP Pakistan – Association for Smoking Alternatives in Pakistan), and media specialist Jena Fetalino (Director of JFPR Philippines) were among the TAV 7 panelists.

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